Three Landscaping Improvements That Will Help Keep Water Out Of Your Home

Posted on: 27 August 2015

If you have a home with drainage problems, you may want to improve drainage around your home. Basements can have things like French drains and waterproofing. These are not the only improvements that you will want to do to keep water out of your home. Better grading and practical landscaping features can improve drainage and reduce static pressure. Here are some landscaping improvements you may want to consider to keep water out of your home:

1. Installing Hidden Dry Wells To Contain Excess Water

The water that comes from areas like gutters or runoff can be a problem for your foundation. If you get a lot of rain, it may be too much for normal drainage systems to handle during heavy rains. One option to deal with excess water is to have a dry well installed that is filled with gravel. This is a deep well that water can drain to. Dry wells can prevent excess water from overwhelming conventional drainage systems.  

2. Buried Drain Tiles And Gravel Paths To Control Runoff 

If your landscaping has a lot of problems with drainage, installing a drainage system with drain tiles can help deal with the water. These can be hidden with landscaping features like garden paths. The paths can be made of gravel and stone to allow water to drain to drain tiles that will carry it away from your home. This type of feature can also be used around your home for areas like flower beds to improve foundation drainage. This can be a great way to mask a French drain system with landscaping design.

3. Changing Difficult Terrain With The Use Of Retaining Walls

The grading around your home can also be difficult to deal with. Retaining walls can be a great way to deal with drainage problems. If you live near a flood zone, retaining walls can also be used like a levy to help keep rising waters away from your property. You can use the retaining walls to add space to your home and have a practical drainage solution. Behind the walls, gravel and drain tiles can be installed to improve landscaping drainage and protect the foundation of your home.  Small walls can be made of timbers, while you may want to use masonry systems for taller walls to add structural integrity.

These are some landscaping improvements to help reduce foundation water problems. If you need help improving your landscape design for better drainage, contact a retaining wall contractor to help build the structures you need.

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