4 Landscaping Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

Posted on: 28 August 2015

If you are planning a landscaping project, there are a few basics that should be avoided. Whether your landscape design will be primarily DIY or you will be working with a landscaping professional, it is important to get this started out on the right foot. Here are four common landscape design mistakes you should try to avoid from the beginning of your project.

1. Opting for High Maintenance Plants

Even though you might like a certain plant that is sold at your local nursery, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be successful in your climate. Study up on what plants will sustain weather patterns in your area for more success. Opting for shrubbery or starter trees is a great way to incorporate sustainable greenery. Work with a landscaper that is local to your area that can help you choose plants that will be successful in your climate.

2. Bringing in Invasive Plants

If you are planning your landscape design yourself, you might want to go with plants that you find pretty and appealing. While this is important, you should also research flowers, plants, and ground cover choices to make sure these aren't an invasive plants. Some plants can thrive like weeds and can quickly take over your yard. Be sure to strike a balance and pick plants that won't spread rapidly.

3. Not Having Anchor Grass and Pathways

If you are imagining your landscaped yard as all plants and flowers, you might be setting yourself up for disaster. Don't forget that grassy areas and mulched pathways can add to your yard's look and make your yard more accessible. If you have enough space to add in larger areas of low maintenance grasses or pathways, you will have a better balance in your yard.

4. Not Planning Ahead for Future Maintenance

If you add in too many high maintenance ponds or plants that need a strict watering schedule, you might set yourself up for failure when it comes to yard maintenance. If you want to keep your yard simple, sometimes elaborate landscapes that involve different watering schedules or quite a bit of yardwork might be outside of your scope. Adding in watering systems or filters for ponds or fountains might need professional maintenance throughout the year after being initially set up.

It can be easy to get caught up in the smaller nuances of landscape design without taking in the whole picture. Make sure that you have a well planned out yard that is strategic with both plant placement and types of foliage. Work with local landscapers like ScenicView Landscapes that will know what works, but also what mistakes to avoid.