How To Use Chemicals To Get Rid Of A Tree

Posted on: 28 August 2015

There are a variety of ways to remove a tree from your yard, ranging from cutting it down to using chemicals. Chemicals allow you to remove it slowly without any fancy equipment. Here are some tips for using chemicals to get rid of a tree in your yard.

Spray the Foliage

The first way to use chemicals to kill and remove a tree is by spraying the foliage. This is an ideal choice when you have a smaller tree you are trying to kill. Larger trees need more than just the leaves and foliage sprayed. With a smaller tree, get a good herbicide in a spray bottle and spray the leaves and foliage around the tree. When you spray the foliage, it seeps into the roots, which can help kill it. When the roots are completely dead, it will be much easier to pull from the ground. Try to spray foliage that is closest to the tree's roots.

When shopping around for an herbicide spray, you will choose certain ones that are meant to spray foliage and get to the roots. If you are removing a tree in the spring or summer, look for chemicals like dicamba, picloram, and imazapyr. Glyphosate is best for late summer and early fall.

Apply Herbicide in the Bark

For medium and large trees, foliage sprays aren't going to work. For these size trees, you should apply herbicide directly into the bark of the tree. This lets the herbicide get into the vascular system of the tree where it will soak into the roots and kill them. Strong chemicals are needed to accomplish this method, such as herbicides with picloram, dichlorprop, and triclopyr in them. To apply it to the bark, get out a knife and carefully make cuts along the bark of the tree. Make the cuts in a downward motion. Now insert your herbicide product into the cuts of the tree. Another option is to inject the chemicals into holes in the bark.

Spray the Soil Surface

Your last option for killing and removing a tree by using chemicals is by spraying the soil surface around the tree. There are certain chemicals that work best on soil, such as hexazinone, bromacil, and tebuthiuron. These types of chemicals soak the soil surface and then gradually work their way through the roots of the trees the next time it rains or when the tree is wet. When the chemicals reach the roots, it begins to kill them.

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