Why You Should Prune Your Trees

Posted on: 28 August 2015

Pruning and trimming trees may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is important for many reasons. You can remove disease to have a healthy tree, keep your home safe, and improve how well it grows. Pruning trees is a simple process, so it is easy to keep up with it. Here are some important reasons to prune your trees.

It Provides Better Fruit Protection

One great reason to prune your trees regularly is to get better fruit production. Trees that grow fruit will halt the production process if they are not pruned properly. When you want to increase fruit production, begin by removing any dead branches or limbs. Next, cut off branches that have disease or signs of insect infestation. This includes branches with cracks, holes, and that look dark and ashy. This prevents the disease from worsening and allows more fruit to grow.

Your Trees Will Grow Faster

Pruning your trees also helps the tree itself grow faster. Just like with trimming your hair, trees sometimes need a little trimming to get them to grow at a good pace. Pruning dead and diseased branches helps to stimulate healthy tree growth. It also gives you the chance to remove overgrowth, which can also slow down a tree's growth. You can also prune it in a way that helps the tree to survive in inclement weather conditions.

You Can Reduce Risk to Your Home

Pruning trees is not just done for the health of the tree, but to keep it from getting overgrown. If you have a tree with large branches, those could hit your home and cause damage if there is a severe storm. Lower branches affect the siding and windows of your home, often breaking through a window if the winds are heavy enough. If they are higher up, they could cause damage to your roof. It is best to keep these trees at a distance by trimming the long branches. Cut off any branches that get out of hand.

It Treats Tree Diseases

When certain areas of your trees get disease, it could quickly spread to the rest of the tree. Instead of putting the entire tree at risk, it is best to remove those rotting branches. This will help improve the overall health of your tree and increase growth, while also keeping the disease from spreading to other parts of the tree. Remove any branches you find that have some kind of disease.

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