2 Commonly Questions About Caring For Your Yard

Posted on: 29 August 2015

Keeping your yard looking healthy and green can be a lot of work. Many people are confused as to why their yard looks that way that it does. Even though they might take the time to care for it, they might be doing certain things that are causing the yard to die. Here are a couple commonly asked questions pertaining to yards.

My Yard Has Yellow Spots Throughout. Why Is This?

If your yard has dead spots, but the whole yard is not dead, you might be dealing with bugs. There are certain pests and bugs that will actually eat the grass and kill it. In most cases they don't eat the whole yard; that is, unless they go untreated for a long period of time. Although it will help to water these areas, because they obviously need as much nutrients as they can get, it is even more important that you get some kind of pest control on the yard.

You can buy over-the-counter bug treatments, or you can hire a professional to come in and spray. Many people will choose to spray at the beginning of the season, even before bugs make their appearance. This will protect the yard in the long run.

The Whole Yard Is Yellow and Dying. What Causes This?

If your whole yard is dying, it is probably not the bugs, unless the bugs have been running wild for a long time. Instead, it is probably a problem with the water. Many people water a little bit each day. Although this will help the grass a little bit, it will not fully nourish the yard as well as it needs to be. Instead, it is better to soak the yard a couple times a week, rather than a little water each day. This is because when you soak the grass it allows the water to get deep into the roots of the grass. This is where the grass needs the water the very most.

It should also be mentioned that you should soak the grass in the morning--not the afternoon or evening. In the afternoon it is too hot and the sun will evaporate the water, so the grass doesn't get enough. In the evening there will be no evaporation, so the water could flood the dirt and grass. This is why you should do it in the morning, when it has plenty of time to soak in and then the sun can take care of any excess.

By understanding what is causing the problem in your yard, you can be sure to fix it. Contact a company like All American Landscape Design Inc. for more information.