Create Positive Energy With Stained Glass Wind Chimes, Flowers And Birds

Posted on: 31 August 2015

If an illness, family dispute or some other problem in life makes it hard for you to feel or think positive, place stained glass wind chimes in your garden or landscape. When combined with the sounds of birds and the colors of flowers, stained glass wind chimes can ease your mind and create positive energy in your life. Here's how you choose the right colors for your wind chimes and flowers.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Stained Glass Wind Chimes 

Stained glass is a unique type of glass used to improve the windows of churches, restaurants and other structures. The colors of stained glass come in a variety of beautiful colors, including cobalt blue, emerald green and vibrant yellow-amber. You can choose wind chimes that combine colors to create the positive energy you need in your garden or landscape.

Colors, such as violet and orange, are good choices for your wind chimes. The colors bring out the energy in your surroundings and represent beauty, creativity and confidence. 

Green and blue are calming colors. They create balance in a chaotic environment, such as when a family member invades your personal space with anger and other negative emotions. 

A professional landscaper can construct a small waterfall on your property to increase its positive energy. Place your wind chimes around or near the waterfall for the best results. As the wind channels through your wind chimes, it emits a calming sound that mingles with the soothing and flowing sounds of the waterfall's water.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Flowers

Once you find the right stained glass wind chimes, plant flowers that attract colorful butterflies. Yellow, pink, purple, and orange are good color options for your flowers. Along with white, these colors remind you of spring throughout the year. In addition, butterflies use the nectar of bright flowers for food and to pollinate other plants in your landscape.

You also want add flowers that release pleasant scents into your landscape or garden during spring, summer and early fall. Southern magnolias, gardenias and rose pink carnations can do the trick. 

Fragrant and bright colors also attract cardinals and hummingbirds to visit your property. The gentle chirps of cardinals and hummingbirds add peace and comfort to your sanctuary without overpowering the sounds of your wind chimes or waterfall. 

If you need additional ideas for creating positive energy to your landscape or garden, contact Outdoor Solutions Landscaping or a similar company.