Tips for Keeping Your Lawn in Party-Ready Condition

Posted on: 3 September 2015

If you are one who loves to entertain outdoors, a beautiful, party-ready lawn is essential. Backyards are a greet location for an outdoor party, and keeping it in great condition through regular maintenance can alleviate any party-day stress that you may feel. The following are some ways you can keep your lawn party-ready all year long.

Have Crisp and Green Grass

To always have your yard looking party-ready, be sure to fertilize the grass regularly. Fertilizer helps replace nutrients and minerals that keep the grass green and attractive. Make sure that your lawn is getting enough water so that the fertilizer has a chance to completely soak into the earth. Make certain you adhere to any water restrictions that may pertain to your local area.

Get Rid of Dead Foliage

Even the most manicured lawns will look unattractive if dead foliage is hanging around. Regularly walk around your lawn and pick up any sticks or limbs that have fallen, remove weeds in garden beds, and deadhead any flowering bushes.

Keep in mind that dead foliage can actually be an asset to your lawn. If you own or have access to a mulcher, you can quickly make your own lawn mulch. You can either store the mulch in a small pile in the back of your yard, or you can immediately place it in your beds or around large trees. Be careful not to let it sit in a pile for too long, or it will begin to compost. Compost is a wonderful source of energy for your plants, but it will not provide the look you get with mulch.

Kick the Bugs to the Curb

Nothing ruins an outdoor party more than bugs flying around your guests. You can use some bug repelling items such as citronella candles, torches, and other commercial bug treatment systems. However, you should also be proactive so that the insects are not as attracted to your yard in the first place.

Remove any areas of standing water. These areas are very attractive to mosquitoes, so always make sure any vessels that have filled with rainwater are poured out on a regular basis. Also, if you have any areas in your yard that is prone to puddles after a rainfall, consider filling those in with some dirt and sod. During your outdoor party, make sure to situate the garbage cans well away from where your guests will be congregating, as bees are very attracted to sweet party foods and drink and will happily sting anyone who attempts to get in their way.

Keeping your lawn party-ready can alleviate so much stress. If you are not able to stay on top of lawn yourself, or if you have a lot of acreage to care for, consider using an outside lawn service like Heath Services LLC to help you keep your yard in shape for entertaining all year long.