5 Hardscape Additions To Your Landscape To Give Your Yard Depth

Posted on: 9 September 2015

If you have a smaller front or backyard where your landscape appears to be crowded, you can add the illusion of depth to your property by adding a few hardscape additions. Hardscaping is the process of using non-plant materials, such as walking paths, retaining walls, or fencing, to give your landscape greater appeal. Here are 5 hardscape additions you can add to your yard to give it more dimension and break up a monotonous landscape design.


A small fountain with curbing around it can liven up a yard that has a lot of shrubbery and plant material around its edges, but little to nothing in its center. A fountain is a wise choice if you don't want to plant decorative trees or shrubbery in the middle of your yard. If you want to get more creative, hire a landscaper to place a pond in your landscape with its own miniature waterfall for a sense of whimsy.


Gravel placed around flower beds gives them greater definition, which in turn gives your yard the illusion of depth. This border draws the eye to the flower beds or your beautiful green yard separately, which can trick the mind into believing your yard is larger than it is. You can use any type of gravel you want, from tiny pea-size river rock to crushed granite. You can also use gravel to line existing walkways and garden edges to break up a smaller yard and give it a clean, streamlined look.


Fencing around your entire yard can box your smaller property in, but placing a decorative wooden fence along the back of your yard only can actually add charm and an illusion of length to your property. Use a short wooden fence as a background for flowers or shrubbery to give your landscape greater attention.


A narrow walking pathway to your front door takes away the rectangular look of a small yard that has little shrubbery to give it a flattering shape. Your walkway can be paved with classic cement or designed with decorative brick or cobblestone to divide your yard more evenly.


Landscape lighting is one of the best ways to make any yard appear larger. Place spotlights on large trees, or flush lights along gardens to give your yard depth and brightness you can enjoy at night. Free-standing lights bordering your front door add decorative appeal and trick the eye into believing your house sits further back on your property, which in turn makes your front yard appear larger.

There are many ways that hardscaping can improve your landscape and give it more depth. Use these easy additions to make your property appear larger and less cluttered so you can enjoy your natural landscape even more. For more information, contact a local landscaper (such as Decorative Creations Inc).