Three Jobs That Are Best Left For A Professional Tree Service

Posted on: 10 September 2015

When you're a homeowner, it's a satisfying feeling to grab a few tools from your garage and tackle a project in your yard. While you can adequately keep your trees trimmed and looking tidy, there are times that you should put your tools down and call a professional tree service like Pioneer Tree & Landscape, Inc. to handle the job for you. Tackling a problem that's too big for the average person can often result in damage to your home or yard and possibly even an injury to yourself. Here are three tree-related issues for which you should defer to a tree service.

Trimming Above Ground Level

While it's safe to trim a tree when you're standing on the ground, any cuts you need to make high up the tree are best to leave for a professional. Using a chainsaw while standing on a ladder or climbing the tree can often spell disaster for the untrained person, but a tree service can approach the job with safety as the focus. Professionals tackle elevated trimming in a variety of ways, including using a boom truck to safely hold the operator while he or she makes the cuts. A three service will also often attach heavy-duty ropes to the limbs needing to be cut in order to lower the limbs to the ground in a controlled manner after they're cut.

Working On Trees Along The Edge Of Your Property

If you need to work on trees that are located along the edge of your property, it's best to involve a professional tree service to avoid running into problems. It's often difficult for the amateur to control which way a tree branch, or even the tree itself, falls upon being cut. If you can't control the direction, you're at risk of the tree breaking your fence or even falling into your neighbor's yard and causing problems with him or her. A professional will be able to tackle the tree systematically to ensure that each limb safely falls into your yard.

Dealing With Dead Trees

Cutting down dead trees is dangerous, because the job is unpredictable due to the brittle nature of each branch. Fragile branches can often tumble to the ground unexpectedly and cause injuries to you and those working alongside you. A tree service has experience dealing with problems of this nature and will know how to complete the job safely, often by clearing the surrounding area of hazards and using ropes to secure branches before cutting them.