Plant A Hedge To Block The Neighbors View To Enjoy Your Bay Window

Posted on: 14 September 2015

Bay windows are created to add a little flair to your interior design. However, you've probably noticed that sometimes a bay window can give a view of the inside of your home to a neighbor, just like other windows can. This guide provides the steps needed to use hedges to block your neighbors' view, while still enjoying the benefits of your bay window.

Step 1: Look Out the Window

Look out your window to see if you can see into your neighbor's house. If you can, then they can see into yours. Also consider if the window gives an inside view from the neighbor's driveway, yard or the street. Go ahead and walk outside to see this for yourself.

Does your living room window display your television, home entertainment center or other valuable electronics to your neighbor? Perhaps your office window gives a view of your computer screen or desktop where sensitive information is stored. If your bathroom has a bay window, check to see if it provides full privacy.

Step 2: Choose the Shrubs to Create the Hedge

Decide what sort of shrubs you will use to create your hedge after you've determined which windows need to be blocked. You'll need to consider how high these hedges need to grow in order to block the view of the window in question. If you're blocking a set of windows, make note of how long the section of hedges needs to be as well.

Visit the garden center of your local home improvement store, or a nursery, to choose your hedges. Because there are numerous choices, explain your project to the associate. They can show you various shrubs, explain how long they take to grow, and they may even be able to show you photos of the shrubs at full height.

Step 3: Plant Near the Property Line

Plant your new shrubs close to the property line to block your neighbors view into your house. Keeping the shrubs away from your window allows you to enjoy natural light, and a view of your yard through the window.

You may not have full privacy while you're waiting for the shrubs to grow. But, you can expect that within a short amount of time, you'll be able to pull down those curtains or blinds from your bay window to allow the beauty of it to grace your home. Contact a landscape designer such as Heritage Lawn & Landscape for help if you're unsure which shrubs to purchase or if you're afraid the shrubs will interfere with your lawn's current design.