How To Create A Beautiful Garden Path Out Of Edgers And Gravel

Posted on: 15 September 2015

Having a beautiful garden area in your backyard is a great idea, but it is even better if you have a distinct path leading to it. If you are looking for an affordable way to create a path to your garden, you may want to consider making a gravel path. While gravel on its own is not exactly glamorous, with the right steps you can create a gravel path that looks great. Here are the steps you will need to take to complete this project.

Mark Out The Path

The first step in creating a nice path to your garden is marking it out properly. While a straight path might be the simplest option to choose, a winding path may look nicer. You can mark out your path using spray paint, and you can begin by painting a middle line from your house to the garden.

Next, spray paint the edges of the path, ensuring that the path is at least three feet wide. You can make it wider, but three feet is usually a good width for a garden path.

Remove Grass And Install Edgers

The next step will take some work, but it must be done to make your path look nice. This step involves removing the layer of grass from the path. You can do this with a shovel, and as you do it you must try to stay within your spray painted lines. To keep the path even, cut several boards to the size you would like and lay them out on the path as you perform the cutting. Once this is complete, you can install the edgers.

Edgers are borders for the path, and you can use a variety of different types of materials for this. One option is concrete edging stones or paving stones. These come in many sizes, types, and colors, and they look great.

If you would like something more affordable than this, you could install plastic edging material. This comes in rolls and serves the purpose, but it may not look as stunning as paving stones.

Add The Gravel

Just before adding the gravel, you should place landscaping paper down to stop weeds from coming through. Once you do this, you can place gravel all along the path. You can use any type of gravel or decorative rock for this, but you should try to make it at least two or three inches deep.

Creating a path to your garden is easier if you have the right tools and equipment, which is why you may want to hire this job out. A landscaping company like Michael's Landscape Design could install a path for you, and they could offer more suggestions and tips for creating a beautiful garden path in your backyard.