3 Tips For Growing A Lawn From Seed

Posted on: 25 September 2015

A beautiful lawn looks great while also providing a place for your children and pets to play. A lot of people choose to lay sod, but this can be expensive to do, especially when compared to growing grass from seed. Growing grass from seed may take longer, but in the long run it will eventually look just as good as sod if you nurture it while it is growing and continue to care for it properly after it has grown in. Use the following tips to help you grow a gorgeous lawn from seed.

Have Lawn Sprinklers Installed

All lawns need to be watered, and a lawn grown from seed will need a lot of water in the early stages. An underground lawn sprinkler system is very important to have when you have grass, as it will ensure that your lawn is watered properly throughout the year. Most lawn sprinkler systems are automated and can also be programmed, so you can make sure that your grass seeds get the water that they need. For most people, installing underground lawn sprinklers is not an easy DIY project, so it is in your best interest to hire an experienced landscaping company to design your sprinkler system and install your sprinkler control box.

Purchase the Right Seed

There are a variety of grass seeds available, and it is imperative that you choose a type that grows well in your climate. If you don't know what type of grass seed to buy, a trip to a local garden center or nursery can most likely give you an answer. Most employees of garden centers and nurseries are very knowledgeable about what grows best in their local area and can provide valuable advice about buying the right grass seeds.

Prepare Your Yard Properly

A properly prepared yard can greatly increase the likelihood of your grass seed growing well, so it is important to do the required work before laying your grass seed. Having a level yard will ensure that rain doesn't wash your grass seed away, and it is important to till the dirt in your yard to loosen it up and make it more hospitable for grass seed. Before laying grass seed, you should put down a thin layer of planting soil that is rich in nutrients and fertilizers-- this will encourage the growth of your grass seed. After your grass seed is laid, make sure that your sprinklers are programmed to water the area often so your grass seed can grow as quickly as possible.