How To Create A Unique Backyard

Posted on: 29 September 2015

Whether you are moving into a brand new house or whether you are beautifying your present backyard, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create a unique and beautiful setting. Think about dividing the area into three different spaces, one for entertaining, one for children's fun activities, and another for a vegetable and flower garden.

The Entertainment Area - Think about making this part of your backyard into a hardscape. Using brick or flagstone as the flooring would be dramatic and very practical. If you want to add some green to the area, the experts at your nursery will be happy to recommend a ground cover that will grow well between the bricks or flagstone. Once you have established your flooring for the entertainment area, think about selecting furniture that will work well outdoors. Wrought iron, rustic wood, and outdoor wicker are all good choices as they will withstand the weather well.

The Children's Play Area - Whether it's for your own children and their friends or for your grandchildren, you'll be a hero if you provide a great area in which they can play outdoor games. Bermuda grass is one good choice as it is easy to care for and it is hardy. Zoysiagrass is also a low-maintenance grass that is beautiful. Your nursery experts will know exactly which grasses to plant in your area. You'll be surprised at how fast the planted sod will turn into a carpet-like place for children to play games like croquet and horseshoes. Think about adding a table and some chairs for the kids to enjoy picnics and treats in their very own play area.

The Flower And Vegetable Garden - This part of your backyard can easily become the focal point. When you are planning your backyard area, consider including decorative cement borders that will separate the grassy area from the area where flowers and vegetables will be planted. Including an outdoor fountain or statuary in this space will add interest to the design and they will not interfere with the growth of the foods you have planted. Some vegetables that grow well with flowering plants are onions, arugula, eggplant, and squash. Herbs like basil and mint would also be a nice addition.

Think about finishing your backyard landscaping with the addition of hanging plants like ferns, bougainvillea, and geraniums. Decorative hanging birdhouses would be the frosting on the cake.