2 Great Woods To Use In Your Landscaping

Posted on: 20 October 2015

Wooden design elements can make your landscaping more stylish, fun and useful. For instance, a basic bench can make your landscape more enjoyable. A simple wooden flower box can also help you segregate different soils, which is very useful in maintaining perfect soil acidity. However, when you add a wooden object into your landscaping, you want to make sure it is waterproof. The dew, rain and sprinklers can quickly deteriorate certain types of wood. This article explains 2 great woods for exterior settings.


Teak is a very popular outdoor patio furniture. It is perfect for wooden projects of all shapes and sizes. It repels water quite easily, even if it not stained. This means it does not warp or get waterlogged. Many people are mainly attracted to teak because they like the way it looks when it ages. As teak ages, it develops an attractive grey patina that many people love. Teak is extremely hard, making it great for flower boxes and furniture. It has tight grains that make it weather resistant. Properly sanded teak will be very smooth, and even a bit shiny.

However, since it is so hard, it can be little difficult to work with. If you are thinking about making a small pot (or something similar) out of teak, you might have trouble making some of the cuts with handheld saws. However, if you have the power tools to cut teak, it is a great wood for such DIY projects. Unfortunately, teak is one of the most expensive woods. If you want a piece that will last a long time in your landscape, teak still might be the wood for you.


If you want a wood with a much richer color, then redwood is for you. Redwood's unique rouge tint makes it very attractive to some people.The dark red can contrast well in a green landscape setting. Redwood is definitely softer and lighter than teak, and it has looser grains. This makes it easier to work with, but it requires a clear coat of stain if you really want it to last long. Redwood is also an expensive wood because of limited supplies. However, it is generally sold in large planks than teak. So, it is suitable to the construction of large structures in your landscaping--like a simple retaining wall.

Teak and redwood have very different styles. However, they are both practical and durable woods that could be perfect for any type of wooden structure among your landscaping. For more information, contact ML Condon Company Inc or a similar organization.