Three Jobs For Which It's Best To Involve A Professional Tree Removal Service

Posted on: 20 October 2015

As a homeowner, taking care of the trees around your property is one of your regular responsibilities. While most people can perform seasonal tasks, such as trimming overgrown branches and raking leaves, projects that are more involved can be dangerous, carrying such risks as being struck by a heavy branch, falling or even being electrocuted from nearby power lines. There comes a time that it's best to put down your pruners and pick up the phone to call a licensed tree removal service to handle your job. The organization will send trained and conscientious workers to your home to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely. Here are three times it's best to call a tree service.

Trees Infringing On Power Lines

Dealing with tree branches that have grown to the point that they're approaching power lines or poles around your property is no job for an amateur. It's important to involve a professional tree service in this type of task due to the inherent risks. Tree removal service employees have experience dealing with this sort of situation and will know how to observe signs of danger, while also using tools such as a bucket truck, to ensure they successfully remove the tree branches without injury or damage to your property.

Storm Damage

Heavy storms can break limbs off trees and even split thick trunks. Once the storm subsides, the tree is anything but stable. Tackling the job yourself is dangerous because branches that might appear sturdy could be ready to snap off. When you have tree damage from a storm, it's necessary to get a professional tree service on your side. The employees will use safety-conscious steps such as tying off heavy branches with thick ropes to ensure that, once cut, they can lower the branches to the ground in a controlled manner and continue this systematic approach until they've removed the tree entirely.

Rotten Or Dead Trees

Trees that are dead or rotten often show signs of their condition, but only an expert can see the signs of an unhealthy tree that is unstable. A novice can easily miss seeing that a branch is rotten, which could lead to an injury upon placing a ladder against the branch or even using it to climb the tree. Dead or rotten trees often need to be carefully removed in sections, given that the tree's structural integrity is lacking. A professional can provide this service in a safe and efficient manner.