Prep Your Yard For The Coming Winter With These Easy Tips

Posted on: 22 October 2015

The winter is often not a time where you think of gardening, but there are a number of landscaping services you should consider doing on your own before it arrives. In many cases, the work you do before winter can make an enormous difference once spring arrives and you want to start gardening again.

To get your yard in the best shape, look no further than the following tips and consider hiring professionals for some extra assistance with what you cannot do on your own.

Get Any Trees Trimmed to Reduce Storm Damage

If any of the trees on your property seem unruly or unstable, it is crucial that you take care of getting the trees trimmed right away. When winter arrives, it is likely that your home will face some storms in the form of heavy snow, rain, or wind. To reduce the chance of any damage happening to your home from falling branches, hire professionals to take care of tree trimming in advance.

Cut Back on the Amount of Watering You Do

Once fall has arrived, you should notice an increase in how much rain you receive. With more water hydrating your lawn and other plants from rain, you do not need to rely on your sprinklers as much. Cutting down on the amount of watering you are doing and even turning off automatic sprinklers will ensure that you do not over-water your yard and will help save money at the same time.

Move Your Patio Furniture Out of the Elements

If you have any patio furniture outside, you should make sure to get everything out of the open. Moving furniture into a shed or garage is a good idea, or simply draping a waterproof tarp over the furniture to keep everything in the best condition possible.

Carefully Remove Any Weeds and Signs of Disease

If you notice any weeds in your yard, now is the time to take care of them. By removing them before winter arrives and it starts to get colder, you will not need to deal with weed removal in the spring. Along with weed removal, take care to look for any signs of disease in trees and other plants to ensure that everything is as healthy as possible.

Before winter arrives, it is essential that you spend some time getting your yard ready for the colder weather. With the right care for the landscaping in your yard, you can enjoy an attractive yard year-round and reduce a number of common yard-related issues people face, such as storm damage and over-watering. For more ideas, contact companies like Weiler's Lawn & Landscape.