Tips For Designing A Public Garden

Posted on: 3 March 2016

If you own an area that has a lot of extra, unused land, you might think that this is the perfect chance for you to create a public garden. To use the land as effectively as possible and ensure that your garden is an enjoyable place for people to be, you will need to put some planning into the design of your garden. Here are some tips for making your public garden as comfortable for as many people as possible.

1. Keep Your Paths Wide

Don't try to cram too many plants into a single area and have them crowd out the path that you've planned through your garden. This will make walking through your garden distracting because people will constantly feel as though they have to fight off plants and leaves to get through. Instead, keep your paths wide enough so that two people can walk side-by-side. This way, if there is a little bit of overgrowth, there will still be plenty of room for people to stroll through your garden.

2. Don't Make Steep Stairs

If possible, keep the inclines in your garden gentle. This will allow you to open up your garden to a wider number of people, including elderly people who might have a hard time walking up steep sets of stairs. It will also help reduce the distractions that a person might experience walking through your garden because he or she won't have to focus on climbing stairs and not losing his or her balance.

3. Choose Paving Material Wisely

When you choose a paving material for creating both the paths and the stairs, be sure that you test the slickness of the material when it is wet. You absolutely don't want to water your plants and then have your garden be unusable for many people who are unsteady on their feet until the pavement dries. Choose pavement that is not slippery when it is wet.

4. Use Plants to Create Comfort

Finally, utilize the plants in a way that creates comfort. For example, create two areas where you use large, coniferous trees to block the sun at varying times throughout the day. This will allow your garden to be enjoyed regardless of the hour or the angle of the sun. Use large perennials or Oriental plants to create semi-private spaces that encourage people to hang out with one another and share details about their lives.

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