3 Ideas For Naturally Removing Tree Stumps From Your Property

Posted on: 27 May 2016

After having a tree removed from your property, you likely want to be left with a large stump that won't get in the way while mowing the lawn and even end up attracting pests that may try to make the stump their home. While you can certainly hire a professional for tree stump removal or rely on chemicals that break down the wood, you may prefer to use a more natural method—especially if you have pets or young children that spend a lot of time outdoors.

If you intend on removing the tree stumps more naturally, consider some of the following ideas that you should be able to handle on your own.


While you may need to get permission from the city before going the route of burning the stump, this can be an effective way to get rid of the tree stump without a lot of manual labor. With simple ingredients from a hardware store, such as kerosene and saltpeter, you can get the tree stump to burn quickly. Setting fire to the stump with the ingredients above will burn it down to the ground, allowing you to sit back and watch as it disappears.


If you have access to a grinder designed for stumps, you can make quick work of the stump and even repurpose the shredded stump to compost that can be used for gardening. The left over shredded stump can also be used for pathways or borders around your garden, making this a cost efficient way to break down the stump rather than burning it. Whether you purchase or rent a tree stump grinder, you need to make sure that it will reach deep beneath the ground so that the stump and roots can be removed entirely.


While excavating can be expensive for larger stumps, this can be a good method to follow for smaller trees. A shovel can make the task labor-intensive, but it can also make sure that you're able to take your time and get the stump completely removed on your when you have time to set aside. If you decide to go through the route row of excavating the stump on your own, make sure to set aside enough time and don't forget to take breaks so that you don't get overexerted while taking out the stump and its roots.

Removing tree stumps is a necessity after getting a tree removed or moving into a property that still has stumps left over. If you're not up to the task of removing on your own with some of the above methods, don't hesitate to hire professionals due to how quickly and efficiently they can remove stumps.