Improving Employee Health With A Water Fountain

Posted on: 19 July 2016

When it comes to determining which elements you will include in your company's landscape design, you should consider the benefits that your employees will enjoy when you opt to install a water fountain on your property. Not only are these water features aesthetically pleasing, but they can actually help improve your employees' physical well-being. 

Here are three ways that the incorporation of a water fountain in your company's landscape design can help you improve your employees' overall health in the future.

1. The sound of running water can reduce stress.

Living in today's modern society often means that your employees are exposed to many different sources of routine stress. Family and work obligations as well as other daily responsibilities can result in the body living in a state of chronic stress. 

Chronic stress causes  the body to suppress functions that are essential for daily health (like immune, digestive, and reproductive functions). Listening to the sound of running water produced by your company's fountain can help your employees relax, relieving them of the negative effects of chronic stress.

2. Fountains can prevent stagnant water.

Adding a water feature without a fountain (like a small pond or bird bath) could leave your employees susceptible to disease. Stagnant water creates breeding grounds for mosquitoes. 

Since mosquitoes can transmit illnesses like Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus, keeping mosquito populations low around your business should be a priority. By installing a water fountain on your property, you can prevent the water in your aquatic landscaping feature from becoming stagnant.

3. Water fountains contribute to negative ion counts in the air.

Scientific studies are beginning to show that negative ions are associated with tremendous health benefits. Water fountains can increase the negative ion count in the environments surrounding them, so installing a fountain on your commercial property will give your employees easy access to a natural negative ion generator. 

When exposed to air containing higher levels of negative ions, people often report feeling more mentally alert and less drowsy than normal. These benefits can be attributed to the ability of negative ions to stimulate oxygen flow to the brain. Having a water fountain on your property will give your employees a place where they can go to experience the mental high associated with negative ion exposure.

Take advantage of the health benefits running water can provide by adding a decorative fountain to your company's property. Contact a landscaper, like Boyer WH, for more help.