How You Can Successfully Integrate Structural Elements into Your Landscaping

Posted on: 29 July 2016

When you are designing your landscape, you may wonder how to best include structural pieces like decks and outdoor sheds. You might have ideas about adding some structural elements to your landscape as well. Making sure your design includes smooth integration between the natural parts of your landscape and those parts that are made-made is important. Find out how you can create smooth transitions between structural elements and the natural parts of your landscape.

Your Landscape Structures Need to Match Your Home's Architectural Design

No matter the type of structures you have or would like to add to your landscape, making sure they match the architectural aspects of your home is essential for creating a congruent flow throughout your design. For example, if your home is a colonial style, adding a gazebo with the same colonial style and color is a good way to tie the two together. When you add shrubbery around the gazebo, adding the same kind you planted around your front porch can also enhance conformity while diminishing the focus on the structures. If you have a gazebo that is a contemporary or rustic style, and your home is a colonial style, the focus will automatically go to the gazebo, not the landscape around it, because the gazebo will stick out by being different.

Pergolas Provide an Exceptional Transition

If you have a pergola or plan to add one, you should know that its open design allows you to integrate it with your landscape easily. The open side of a pergola gives it a light, airy feeling and provides areas for you to plant flowering vines or tall shrubs. Lining up potted plants like large ferns along the outer perimeter of a pergola can pull in the greenery in your landscape while the pots tie into your house and the pergola. Remember to choose pots that are large enough to be noticed and ones that match your home's exterior colors. Hanging pots of flowers can also tie together the colors of your home and the landscape surrounding the pergola. Climbing rose bushes can weave their way into the lattice and around other wooden parts of a pergola, allowing it to appear a part of the landscape.

Incorporating your landscape's structural elements into the landscape's natural appeal can bring a lot of creative enjoyment. Take the time to sit down and plan out your landscape and how you could best include structures without their standing out and pulling attention away from your design.

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