Taking A Look At The Biggest Mistakes DIYers Make With Residential Irrigation

Posted on: 31 August 2016

Greenery which offers dismal color variations, flowers that droop or fail to bloom, and dead spots in your landscaping are all signs that you are dealing with a problem with lack of water. Unfortunately, if you live in some parts of the country, rainfall is not as abundant as you really need to have a healthy landscape. Thankfully, residential irrigation is a possibility in just about every case and can help ensure you have a lush, healthy landscape.

While it is always best to seek professional irrigation services for the installation of your system, you may be tempted to tackle this project on your own. Yet, going DIY with this project gives you a lot of room for mistakes. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes DIYers tend to make when installing their own irrigation system. 

Mistake: Using incorrect spray nozzle heads in above-ground systems. 

Why? If you are installing an irrigation system above ground, this will involve finding the right sprinkler heads for your area of landscaping that needs to be covered. If you go with a nozzle head that disperses too much water, not only could you end up with problems in your landscape, you will be wasting a lot of water. It is always best to go with the nozzle head that provides an ample amount of coverage without overshooting the mark.

Mistake: Using the same amount of water dispersion for grassy areas as plant beds and shrubs. 

Why? The root system in grassy areas is quite shallow in comparison to what would be found in planting areas and around shrubs and trees. Therefore, these two completely different landscape types have different watering needs. The grassy areas of your landscape will require much less water to remain healthy, so it is best to set up your irrigation system to coincide with the different needs of the variant areas. 

Mistake: Placing sprinkler heads too close to walkways and drives. 

Why? It may seem logical to place a sprinkler head at a certain point to provide enough water coverage in a certain area, but even if it looks wrong, it is best to keep sprinkler heads away from heavily traveled areas. You will end up with water consistently coating walkways and driveways, which can pose a safety threat and also cause unwanted erosion to these expensive outdoor features over time. Even if it means you have to reconfigure your entire layout, you should always avoid sprinklers in close proximity to foot-traveled areas. 

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