Three Things You Can Do With Decorative Pergolas

Posted on: 1 February 2017

A pergola is similar to an arbor, except that it is more like a colonnade of arbors and often incorporates a bench or two where people can sit and take in the view. If you like the idea of a pergola, but you are not sure what you would do with it, there are plenty of decorative ideas available. The following three are the most common and most visually pleasing.

Pergola over Your Docks

If you live on waterfront property, you can install a deck over your docks. This creates a very pretty and peaceful place to sit as the water gently rocks the docks and the bench of the pergola leaves you with a place to sit and meditate. It can also provide a little shady place on the water without having to get into a boat or pontoon to enjoy the shade and the breezes off the water. If your docks rest nestled in or near a bed of water lilies, your pergola becomes an especially beautiful, almost Monet-like place.

Pergola over Your Patio (Instead of an Awning)

People who have a patio space and/or a strong Southwestern flavor to their homes often prefer to install a pergola over their patios instead of awnings. The right pergola designs can really compliment the exterior style of your home, while also providing some light shade. Entwine some gauzy outdoor curtains through the openings in the roof of the pergola, and then use tie backs to release or enclose the patio space for a summery, breezy touch.

Pergolas in an Asian-Themed Garden

Pergolas that resemble Shinto shrines are often used to decorate Asian-themed gardens. They are used as entryways and exits in the gardens, as well as places to sit and admire golden koi fish in a pond or gaze into a reflecting pool. If you are not quite sure how to place this type and style of pergola in your garden, ask a professional landscaper. It is especially helpful if the landscaper has some prior experience with Asian gardening.

For More Ideas

For more ideas on how to use a pergola and use one to decorate a part of your yard, turn your attention to social media. People post some of the most beautiful images of decorative pergolas and gazebos in use.  It should provide you with some visual aids to show a landscaper in the event that you decide to completely redo your landscape around a pergola.