Yard Irrigation Factors Homeowners Need To Consider

Posted on: 24 January 2018

Meeting the irrigation needs of your yard can be an important task to do, if you are concerned about caring for the appearance and health of your landscaping. While watering your yard may seem like a very simple task, there are many homeowners fail to appreciate a few facts and considerations when it comes to irrigating their yards.

Trees And Other Large Plants Will Require More Thorough Watering Sessions

The larger plants on your property can be among the most distinctive and useful. However, these plans will also have much more intensive water needs. As such, you should always make sure to thoroughly soak the soil near the base of these plants. This will help the water to soak deep into the soil where the roots of the plant will be able to easily reach it. If you continually only water the surface of the soil, the roots may start to grow upwards, which can lead to a shallow root network and an unstable plant.

Traditional Sprinklers Can Be Very Inefficient

If you are assuming that traditional sprinkler systems will be the best option for watering your plants, you may be poorly mistaken. This type of irrigation system can be extremely inefficient, due to the amount of water that will evaporate before reaching the soil. Also, these systems will provide you with limited control, and this may contribute to watering unnecessary areas. A drip-based system can be far more effective, due to its ability to allow you to control where the water will be applied in a very precise manner. This will ensure that you are focusing the water where it is needed the most, while also minimizing the amount of evaporation that can occur before the water reaches the soil.

An Irrigation System Will Require Some Basic Maintenance To Keep It Running

While installing a comprehensive irrigation system can greatly reduce the overall amount of work that will be required to maintain your landscaping, it is also important to remember that these systems must be properly maintained. The exact type of maintenance will vary according to the type of system, but there are some steps that will always be required. For example, every type of irrigation system will need to be winterized, to protect it against the risk of water freezing in the pipes or tubes. Additionally, the pump for the system will need regular servicing, to ensure the mechanical components are in good working condition.

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