How To Get Your Soil Ready For New Sod

Posted on: 5 November 2019

If you have new sod you want to lay down to build a lawn, you need to take some time to prepare the soil that you will lay the sod on top of. Preparing the soil will increase the likelihood that the sod and the soil will bond together, creating a great-looking yard.  

Step #1: Get Rid of All Large Debris 

The first thing you need to do is work to remove all large debris from the area where you will be putting down the sod. That means getting rid of all sticks and rocks that are bigger than an inch or two in diameter or length. You want to have a smooth surface for your new sod, and you don't want obstacles in the way of your sod bonding with your grass. If you have really rocky soil, this step could take a while.  

Step #2: Grade the Area 

Next, you need to grade the area where you will be putting the sod. Grading the area where you will be putting the sod basically means you are going to create a slope where the sod will go. You want the underlying dirt to be structured so that it slopes away from your home, and away from any low-lying areas. You want to grade the area so that water will flow towards your drainage system. 

Step #3: Till the Soil 

After you grade the area, you need to go back and till the soil. Tilling the soil will help break up the soil. You want to do this so that it is easier to mix in additional topsoil and nutrients. Also, breaking up and loosening the soil will help the roots from the sod more easily spread into the dirt and anchor to the earth underneath. 

Step #4: Add Extra Topsoil 

Once the ground has been tilled, it is time to add some extra topsoil. Adding new topsoil that is full of nutrients will help increase the chance that your sod will last and create a great-looking yard. You want to add a couple of inches of new topsoil in order to really create a nice, thick new layer of support for your yard. 

Step #5: Mix in Fertilizer 

Finally, you should work some fertilizer into the topsoil. Adding the fertilizer to the soil, instead of just sprinkling the fertilizer on top of the sod, will help increase the nutritional value of the soil, and will help your sod develop more solid roots. 

If you just put the sod on top of unprepared soil, the chance of you getting a nice yard is not very strong. If you want your new sod to take root and really last, you need to spend the time to properly prepare the area where you want to install the sod. For more information, reach out to a company like Wagner SOD Company today.