Six Major Factors To Consider When Choosing Artificial Turf

Posted on: 13 December 2019

You need to take numerous factors into consideration to find the ideal artificial turf product for your needs. Artificial turf comes in many different varieties and is manufactured according to certain specifications you need to make as the buyer.

Do your research and learn as much as you can about varieties and characteristics before you invest in an artificial turf ground covering. The following are six major factors you need to consider when choosing the right artificial turf:

The density

When it comes to artificial turf, density refers to how many synthetic yarns are built into each square foot of the turf. The higher the density is, the more expensive the artificial turf in question will be. At the same time, higher density turf is more durable.

If you're selecting the right density for your artificial turf, you need to find an appropriate balance regarding budget and durability requirements. Find an artificial turf density that makes your turf affordable and able to stand up to the rigors of routine usage. 

The infill type

There are numerous types of infill used on artificial turf surfaces. Typical infill materials are sand and gravel. The type of infill you need depends on how springy you need your artificial turf surface to be. 

Discuss the activities that will be taking place on your turf with your artificial turf provider to find the right infill and springiness for your particular needs. 

The length of the turf blade

Artificial turf comes in different blade length varieties. Longer blade length will lead to turf that is deeper and looks more lush. Longer blade length turf will create a natural lawn look, but shorter blade length might be better if you're using turf over a field where certain athletic events will be carried out or where longer blades will interfere with activities.

The maintenance demands

Artificial turf needs to be maintained to maximize its lifespan and maintain its condition. The least expensive artificial turf products out there generally require more maintenance than more expensive turfs. 

Make sure you discuss maintenance needs with your artificial turf supplier and prepare to handle these maintenance needs in the coming years. Maintenance needs will include cleanings and routine repair of wear and tear. 

The coloring

Artificial turf generally comes in various shades of green including lime green, olive green, and dark green. For the most natural look, you should choose turf that blends various shades together to look like real grass. 

The quality requirements

The highest quality artificial turf is made of polyamide or polypropylene yarns. Invest in the highest quality turf if your artificial turf surface will experience constant and rigorous use. Lower quality turf will quickly wear out if it experiences heavy traffic.