Insight To Keep Your Yard Trees Healthy And Strong

Posted on: 29 July 2020

Trees add majestic beauty to your yard and its landscaping, as they are one of the biggest types of vegetation you can have around your home. But it is important that you keep your trees in good health and strong form with maintenance and trimming. Here are some recommendations to help you maintain and manage your yard's trees and their landscaping.

Manage Mature Tree Health

Anytime you have aging trees growing in your yard, you need to keep an eye on their condition and take care of their overall health. Older trees can begin to have branches die and sections of the tree succumb to disease, requiring treatment and often removal. Watch for signs indicating problems in your trees' health, such as bare branches in the summer, cracking or missing bark, new growth shoots around the base of the tree, and insect infestations within your tree. 

You can contact a tree professional in your area to determine what the cause of your tree's declining health is and to see if there are any treatments to save the tree.  If a large tree that provides your yard a great deal of shade is having health issues, it can be smart to save the tree and all its landscape benefits. If you need to remove the tree, be sure to plant a new tree to replace it so you don't miss out on the benefits of having it in your yard.

Arrange For Professional Tree Care

Not just mature trees need supportive care and regular maintenance. Any tree growth in your yard needs to be looked after and to have its growth maintained and trimmed to keep it healthy and prevent tree damage to your property.

For example, if a tree in your yard is growing next to your house and one of its branches has begun to grow and extend over your home's roof, you may consider having the branch trimmed back. A large branch over your home can be a liability risk if it were to fall upon your home because it could cause a great deal of damage. And even if the branch does not fall but grows up against your home or on the roof, it can scratch at your home's exterior during storms and cause damage to your home.

A tree professional in your area can help you with branch removal and trimming and can help you keep your trees growing in a healthy direction. If you need only one or two branches removed from your tree, don't try to do it on your own because this can result in serious injury to yourself. A tree professional can safely remove branches and dispose of them. And if you need an entire tree removed, they can tackle this job and even grind down the stump to make space to plant a new tree.

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