3 Ways A Tree Service Can Help Create A Fire Break Around Your House

Posted on: 9 March 2021

If you live in an area prone to brush or wildfires, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible to protect your house. That includes making sure that any trees on your property are far enough away from your house that it makes it harder for the fire to jump from the trees to your house. A fire break can help to protect your house and property. It's more than just removing some trees that are too close to your house, though. A tree service that specializes in tree removal for fire break creation can be a huge help at this point. What are some of the things they can do to create the fire break you want?

Thin Your Trees

One thing that the tree service can do is to thin out your trees for you. Ideally, the trees shouldn't be any closer than about 10 feet to each other. Thinning out those trees and giving them that space apart means that they will be less likely to have fire jump from one tree to another. The tree service should also remove any stumps left over after they thin out the trees to make the fuel load that much smaller. 

Remove Branches

Another thing that the tree service should do to create a fire break around your house is to remove low-hanging branches. The trees should have no branches lower than 6 feet above the ground. This is because the thinner branches are going to catch fire faster than the tree will, and if the branches are on fire, then their span makes it easier for the fire to jump from one tree to the net. Having no branches close to the ground means that ground fires will have a harder time jumping up into the branches. 

Removing Specific Trees

The tree service can also remove trees closer than around 30 feet to your house, especially if those trees are evergreens or conifers. Those kinds of trees go up faster, and the resins found in the trees are very flammable, so when they do catch fire, they burn hot. Clearing out trees too close to your house will give you a break in vegetation that will help stop a fire. 

If you are worried about wild or brush fires, you can do to protect your house to create a fire break. A tree service can help by creating the fire break you need.