• 5 Hardscape Additions To Your Landscape To Give Your Yard Depth

    If you have a smaller front or backyard where your landscape appears to be crowded, you can add the illusion of depth to your property by adding a few hardscape additions. Hardscaping is the process of using non-plant materials, such as walking paths, retaining walls, or fencing, to give your landscape greater appeal. Here are 5 hardscape additions you can add to your yard to give it more dimension and break up a monotonous landscape design. [Read More]

  • Tame A Swampy Yard With A French Drain

    Do you struggle with a water-logged yard? Or, even worse, a basement that floods on a regular basis? There might be a cheap and easy solution to your problems: a French drain. What is a French drain and why is it an inexpensive way to save your yard or house? A Good Idea, Even If It's Not French A French drain (named after the inventor, not the country) is a simple idea that uses a submerged pipe to divert water away from areas where it pools or causes damage. [Read More]

  • Tips for Keeping Your Lawn in Party-Ready Condition

    If you are one who loves to entertain outdoors, a beautiful, party-ready lawn is essential. Backyards are a greet location for an outdoor party, and keeping it in great condition through regular maintenance can alleviate any party-day stress that you may feel. The following are some ways you can keep your lawn party-ready all year long. Have Crisp and Green Grass To always have your yard looking party-ready, be sure to fertilize the grass regularly. [Read More]

  • Create Positive Energy With Stained Glass Wind Chimes, Flowers And Birds

    If an illness, family dispute or some other problem in life makes it hard for you to feel or think positive, place stained glass wind chimes in your garden or landscape. When combined with the sounds of birds and the colors of flowers, stained glass wind chimes can ease your mind and create positive energy in your life. Here's how you choose the right colors for your wind chimes and flowers. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons Your Lawn Is Dead

    If you are like most homeowners, you probably want your yard to be thick, luscious, and green. Even though it might seem simple to get the perfect yard, though, it is more work than many people realize. Here are some of the common reasons why your yard may be less than perfect. 1. You Are Mowing at the Wrong Length When you mow your yard, it is important that you are doing it at the perfect length. [Read More]

  • 2 Commonly Questions About Caring For Your Yard

    Keeping your yard looking healthy and green can be a lot of work. Many people are confused as to why their yard looks that way that it does. Even though they might take the time to care for it, they might be doing certain things that are causing the yard to die. Here are a couple commonly asked questions pertaining to yards. My Yard Has Yellow Spots Throughout. Why Is This? [Read More]

  • 4 Landscaping Mistakes You Should Try To Avoid

    If you are planning a landscaping project, there are a few basics that should be avoided. Whether your landscape design will be primarily DIY or you will be working with a landscaping professional, it is important to get this started out on the right foot. Here are four common landscape design mistakes you should try to avoid from the beginning of your project. 1. Opting for High Maintenance Plants Even though you might like a certain plant that is sold at your local nursery, that doesn't necessarily mean that it will be successful in your climate. [Read More]

  • Why You Should Prune Your Trees

    Pruning and trimming trees may not be the most fun thing to do, but it is important for many reasons. You can remove disease to have a healthy tree, keep your home safe, and improve how well it grows. Pruning trees is a simple process, so it is easy to keep up with it. Here are some important reasons to prune your trees. It Provides Better Fruit Protection One great reason to prune your trees regularly is to get better fruit production. [Read More]

  • How To Use Chemicals To Get Rid Of A Tree

    There are a variety of ways to remove a tree from your yard, ranging from cutting it down to using chemicals. Chemicals allow you to remove it slowly without any fancy equipment. Here are some tips for using chemicals to get rid of a tree in your yard. Spray the Foliage The first way to use chemicals to kill and remove a tree is by spraying the foliage. This is an ideal choice when you have a smaller tree you are trying to kill. [Read More]

  • Three Landscaping Improvements That Will Help Keep Water Out Of Your Home

    If you have a home with drainage problems, you may want to improve drainage around your home. Basements can have things like French drains and waterproofing. These are not the only improvements that you will want to do to keep water out of your home. Better grading and practical landscaping features can improve drainage and reduce static pressure. Here are some landscaping improvements you may want to consider to keep water out of your home: [Read More]